Curriculum Vitae Cinofilo Stefano Bonaldo

Let me introduce myself

Hi, I’m Stefano
and I would like to tell you the story of this blog. was born in 2021, in response to the requests of many owners who needed to be followed closely in a training course with their dog but unable to do so due to the restrictions of the ongoing health emergency.

It started like this the idea of creating online content, available to dog lovers at any time and in any place.

As you might have  understood, I am the creator of this project.

Having content available 24 hours a day online allows you to manage your dog’s training in a comfortable and effective way.
Many of the binomials that I follow in presence, study on this portal my videolessons, because they enclose theoretical explanations but also video clips of dogs of different ages, races and past experiences.
In the videos you can clearly see that there are no artifices or tricks.
What you see instead are “live” training clips where problems do emerge when new behaviors are taught to inexperienced dogs and owners without skills, novice.

My method of teaching:
Discover Your Dog!This is the big secret!It’s about being grateful for a devoted friend and about gaining his trust and affection.
Every dog has its talent, my goal is to help you understand it and make you get the most out of it.
In the training and preparation of a dog, I try to guide the owner to win the trust and esteem of his dog through the construction of a relationship based on respect, collaboration and harmony.

My curriculum vitae :
I have been training dogs since 2010, in particular i’m specialized in the training of search&rescue dogs/K9 and this gave me the opportunity to meet many experts in the international arena, to practice with a lot of professionals in the sector and to found in 2014 a dog group specialized in training of rescue dog units ” Discoverydogs “.

If you want to see my CV, click on this link:
 Curriculum Cinofilo stefano bonaldo, you’ll find out in detail what my results were in the cynophile field and what experiences I have gained in recent years.

Enjoy your daily training on

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