If you want to learn how to play having fun with your puppy you are in the right place! Read some useful tips and watch the videos in this article!

What toys you could use to play with your puppy?

If you want to win your puppy’s heart, I suggest you learn to play with him!

In this article I want to share with you some information and some videos where I will show you which are the most suitable toys to use and share with your dog for playful activities.

Let’s move on to see the ranking of the best tug toys for your Friend!

In the first place I recommend the fleece braid tug.

The fleece braid is well suited for playful activities in general, in truth I recommend it very often to owners of puppies or adult dogs with a “sensitive” character who are looking for a soft consistency to bite and contend in the  “tug-of-war”  game.

Very suitable, in my opinion, also for first-time owners, who want to learn how to play correctly with their dog without giving bad habits and in the same time channeling the energies of their four-legged friend in a useful and constructive way.

We find in second place  the leather bite rag on wich I want to spend a few words.

The bite rag is very useful when the puppy or dog in preparation has a good predator instinct.

Through the sudden movements of the bite rag, the dog is stimulated to chase and grope “the prey” finding satisfaction in being able to grab it and keep it between his teeth.

If taught correctly, the rag helps the owner to build a firm bite with their puppy’s molars because this toy has a high grip surface that facilitates a solid hold.

Furthermore, the dog already finds fulfillment and gratification in chasing the rag and thus will engage his energies in a playful activity that she/he shares with us.

The next tag toy we’ll see is the bite roll (or bite tug pillow or bite stick).

As pictured in the video below, there are various types of bite rolls on the market, of various thicknesses and materials.

Which bite roll to choose?

To make the right choice, I recommend natural and non-synthetic materials first, the thicknesses and textures will be chosen based on the age of the dog, aptitudes and morphology.

Don’t buy the first one you see but choose carefully!

The choice of the bite roll can be decisive between teaching your dog a harmonious and constructive game or giving behavioral flaws and defects such as biting close to the hands, making the activity not very serene and for sure not useful.

Another classic toy that I want to present you is the Ball.

As you will see in the video below, there are various types of balls on the market, of various diameters and materials.

Which ball we should choose?
To make the right choice I suggest you to watch the video below!

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