In this short article you will find 3 titles of books that deal with concepts very far from each other, but that can help you greatly in Discover - Understand and Cure your Dog... Enjoy your reading! ????

Libri consigliati sulla cinofilia

Before examining the 3 books that I would recommend to every dog lover and owner, I would like to make a brief introduction. Recommending books about the Dog’s World, in my opinion it is not easy. Personally I am not a reading enthusiast, on the contrary.. I am very attracted to the audiobooks that I often listen in walks with my dogs. To be able to recommend a book it is necessary knowing, what are the interests of the reader and what information he feels the need to make his own. Nevertheless, over the years, I have recommended 3 very interesting and useful books to my students and trainees depending on the level and type of information they needed to learn how to Discover – Understand – Cure their four-legged friend. In this short article you will find 3 titles of books that deal with concepts that are very distant from each other, but that can help you greatly in the three aspects that I mentioned, as they also did with me! To you the ball, let’s start to Discover your Dog with the first title…
CANI Guida illustrata a oltre 300 razze di cani di tutto il mondo Discover the characteristics of your ideal dog through “DOGS – The Visual Guide to over 300 dog breeds from around the world” by David Alderton. With this guide you will be able to explore the origins, the history of the Dog, the physical characteristics and and psychical abilities. The Book Written by David Alderton – English author specialized in topics of animals and natural history – aims to offer a quick and sufficient information on the dog and its peculiarities. I highly recommend it to those people who have decided to adopt a puppy and are at the first experience.
CAPIRE IL LINGUAGGIO DEI CANI recensione“How to Speak Dog. Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communicaton” is the title of the book written by the Canadian psychologist Stanley Coren a guide on various ways of communication animal to animal and how that translates and (sometimes) mis-translates in human-canine interactions. The text is a real manual accompanied by explanatory diagrams and drawings that helps the reader understand the contents. Reading this book is pleasant and clear, useful both for those who intend to adopt their first dog and for those who are professionally engaged with the world of dogs. I would call it an instruction manual that provides all the theoretical tools to improve and decipher the communication, intentions and emotional states of our faithful life companions!
jutta ziegler curare i nostri cani recensioneThe third title I want talk about in this article is Doctor Jutta Ziegler’s “Dogs Would Live Longer If….The Black Book on Veterinarians” della Dottoressa Jutta Ziegler. The author is an Austrian veterinarian with a holistic vision, Dr. Ziegler has always been committed to safeguarding the welfare of animals. Through this text, she encourages the reader to become aware, highlighting the importance of proper nutrition, alternative therapies and natural methods as prevention and aid in the healing of many chronic degenerative diseases of our dogs. This book offers important information and advice for the responsible pet owner on how to protect their animal and themselves against corrupt and unscrupulous veterinarians for whom money is more important than ethics, and who opt to put on the line the lives of the animals entrusted to them, giving priority to their own wallet. A book that I recommend and that I must say has helped me to improve the living conditions of my dogs.

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