Have you decided to adopt a puppy and want to start this experience in the right way? Great, you are in the right place! I believe that getting informed in time and deepening the different aspects of pre-adoption is a responsible attitude, so I want to share with you some elements that you will surely find useful to welcome your puppy into the family in the best way.


Have you decided to adopt a puppy and want to start this experience in the right way?
Great, you are in the right place!

Before making any  impulsive choices, ask for a pre-adoption consultation from a professional.

Find a good educator, trainer or veterinarian in your area who will help you figure out which breed is best for you and your lifestyle.Even if you want to adopt a puppy from a shelter, rely on the experience of a professional who can help you choose the right dog, in line with your dog experience and your aptitudes.

As it follows, I’ll share some considerations that you should make if you have not yet decided whether to adopt a purebred puppy or a mixed breed.

If your choice is for a purebred puppy, keep in mind that in addition to the physical appearance, each breed has very specific psychophysical characteristics and behavioral peculiarities that must be taken into consideration.

There are over 300 recognized breeds to choose from, each of which is represented by the “Kennel Clubs”.

Contact the Kennel Club and ask the appropriate questions about your future puppy.

Choosing a purebred subject with a particular pedigree allows you to better predict the size and character qualities of your new life partner.

Remember that some breeds can be predisposed to particular health problems.

Learn more about these aspects to avoid adopting a puppy that can run into health problems and genetic diseases.

Remember that a purebred dog is distinguished not only by the color of the coat and the morphology!
Whether they are hunting dogs, guard dogs or companion dogs, purebred dogs have historical origins and a selection of centuries behind them that play an important role in their inclinations and attitudes.

The adoption of a puppy of a specific breed must be weighed above all according to these considerations, in order to offer the newcomer a peaceful and balanced lifestyle and at the same time avoiding the onset of behavioral problems due to approaches that are not sensitive to the endogenous factors, specific breed characteristics.

If, on the other hand, you want to adopt a mixed breed puppy, it can be difficult to predict the size of when he will be adult, his temperament and character skills.

Another aspect that can be unpredictable when bringing home a half-breed puppy adopted from a shelter , includes unknown medical history , especially if you have little or none information about the parents.

So when you decide that a mixed breed puppy is your final choice, refer to the shelter staff who know the dogs and puppies well and are able to offer support and advice to help you make the best decision.

If you have no experience in the canine field and you do not have an expert contact person who can guide you in choosing a good kennel club, you may need to know what I am about to share.

Be careful to come across those multi-breed kennel that hold an unspecified number of mares, which promise you puppies of various breeds at all times of the year.

You should know that the importation of puppies from abroad is quite common, so in many cases the puppy trade can be hidden behind the façade of a certified breeder kennel, with all the resulting problems.

Also be wary of those breeders who rush you into making a decision regarding adoption and who do not allow you to visit the facility, showing you the siblings, the mother or both parents where possible, in addition to the available puppy.

A serious breeder always issues a written health guarantee certificate valid at  least 15 days(from the moment that you take the puppy home with you) against infectious diseases for which vaccine prevention exists (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and leptospirosis).

Furthermore, at the regulatory level, it can never sell puppies under the age of 60 days, nor puppies that do not have at least one vaccination.

Before making hasty choices, ask the breeder if he can show you, in addition to the parents’ pedigree, also the Selection Certificates and the certificate of suitability for reproduction (for the breeds that requires them), without forgetting the official controls on genetic diseases.

You can also ask about the measures the breeder has taken to socialize the puppies or if they have weaning and stimulation programs to help their owners in the post-adoption phase.

To conclude, a good breeder is in love with his dogs and his puppies and this will transpire when you get to know him.

( Meet the Breeder in person. )

It will be he who will make you the “third degree”, since he will entrust you with a life that he has seen born and grow as a result of sacrifices, which are based on an immeasurable passion for his work.

Don’t try to rush things that need time to grow.

Do not be fooled by easy enthusiasm, evaluate your choice well, share it with family, relatives and friends, everyone can give you their point of view and be an active part in this new life experience.

If you have decided to adopt a puppy it will be essential for you, if you have not already thought about it, to learn the ABC’s of dog language.

In the BOOKS section of this portal you will find some titles that will surely help you to understand  how dogs communicate through body signals and movements, sounds, smells, and touch .

Do you have a friend that has a dog? Ask what it means exactly to take care of a dog , the responsability involved and the time that he dedicates to his furry friend . Live the experience directly by doing a walk toghether with your friend and his dog. You’ll be a step closer to understand if this choice will make you really happy or if you’re idealizing the idea of having a dog.

If you want to adopt a puppy, I suggest you to visit a couple of training schools in your area. This  will give you the opportunity to see how much effort and dedication it takes to have a well trained  dog.

A valid training course is essential to build a solid and peaceful relationship. From the first weeks of his arrival in the family(and for the future ) it’s essential to work toghether and build an empathic relation based on trust, respect and ,of course, love.

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